Is Playing Video Games a Hobby?

If you love to play video games, you may have heard people say that it is not a hobby and there are no redeeming qualities about playing video games. They equate it with sitting and watching TV constantly and generally being lazy.

Whilst this can be frustrating to hear, especially for those who like playing games, video games do have a tendency to take over kids’ lives, and in some cases, this may be a worry if they are holed up in their room 24/7.

In today’s article, we will discuss if playing video games is actually a hobby and what other hobbies can be learned to replace video games if you believe that your children/teenagers are spending a bit too much time on their consoles.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

There are good qualities associated with spending time playing video games. It may not be so obvious at first, but a video game can provide the player with different skills, and it can help them become sociable.

Here are a handful of positives that can happen when people play games –

  • They can make new friends online through team player events
  • It can help them build on their problem-solving skills
  • Provides them with creative thinking abilities
  • It can promote adaptability and resourcefulness
  • Leadership skills can grow
  • There are other games (more active games) that can improve motor skills

As you can see, there are positives to being part of the ever-growing gaming industry when people decide to play video games in their spare time.

Whether they play single-player games or enjoy group gaming (co-op gaming) to have the most fun with friends in their free time.

Could Turn into a Job Opportunity

Avid video gamers can turn this into a career, for instance, gamers can create a YouTube channel where they can play a whole myriad of video games either solo or with friends, turning it from a great hobby into a paying career.

Even the naysayers can’t see that as an issue.

The Definition of a Hobby

The definition of a hobby is an activity done in one’s leisure time for a pleasurable experience.

So, if we put that plainly, yes playing video games is a hobby, but that doesn’t mean it is the best hobby, as people have different definitions of what a hobby should entail, but that is their own personal feelings on the matter.

All People Feel Differently

Some like to watch TV or prefer video games in their leisure time, whilst others may think that a hobby isn’t a hobby until physical fitness is exerted like football, baseball, running, etc.

It all depends on the individual and how they want to engage their brain and what they are interested in.

What Other Hobbies Can be Done?

Video games obviously are a fun pastime and people find a lot of enjoyment in playing them, however, if it goes from an interest into an addiction that can be a serious worry, so it would be best to look at what other hobbies people can do to occupy their time without compromising on their fun.

Learning to Code

This is a smooth transition from gaming to coding, as quite a few gamers will know how to code anyway or they at least have an interest in this side of technology.

Games need codes to run, so it seems like a natural progression into this area without it being such a huge leap in the other direction.

Where Can You Learn To Code?

There are numerous avenues that people can pick up coding, whether they want to take online courses, watch video tutorials, have a private tutor, or go to tech camps.

It has never been easier for people to merge into this interest and see what it is all about.

Learn 3D Modeling

In keeping with gaming once again, learning 3D modeling would be perfect for the experienced gamer, as they could look at creating their own video game characters and mixing together the tech and art side of things that bring stories to life.

What Modeling Software Is There?

There is a variety of software out there that can be used for 3D modeling, for example –

  • Unity
  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D
  • Modo

These are just some, but looking around and seeing which would be best will flex those creative muscles.

Plus there are online tutorials that can be looked into as well as other 3D modelers that may offer their services, the choices are endless with this type of hobby.


For gamers, gardening might not initially seem like the most attractive hobby to pursue. However, many gamers are familiar with activities like planting and harvesting virtual crops, raising animals, or managing virtual gardens in games-a practice often referred to as “farming.” Transitioning from virtual farming to real-life gardening can offer a tangible and rewarding experience, allowing gamers to apply their skills and creativity in a different context. Moreover, gardening provides an opportunity to disconnect from screens, enjoy the outdoors, and cultivate a deeper connection with nature. If gamers have a larger lawn or garden, they may find it more practical to utilize services like Sprinkler Installation to ensure efficient watering of their plants without constant manual effort. By installing a sprinkler system, gamers can automate the watering process, freeing up time to focus on other activities or gaming sessions. This practical solution not only promotes healthier plant growth but also aligns with the convenience and efficiency often sought after in gaming experiences.


A gamer may not look at sports as a great hobby, however, it is perfect to help with fitness levels and health.

Sitting down for long periods is not good for people, and those who play video games may sit in one position for hours at a time which will not only hurt their bodies but can be detrimental to their mental health, especially if they are sitting in a dark room staring at a screen.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It is always good to get the body moving, so even if they are not happy with doing something extreme, easing them into a basic sport could help them lead a healthier life and improve their mental health.

If they show any interest in online sports, see if you can find a matching real-life sport that will intrigue them.

Even if it is just for a few hours during the week, this physical exercise will benefit them a lot more than sitting hunched up in front of a screen.


Doing any type of volunteering is a step in the right direction. Helping people out and providing for the local community is always a positive thing to do.

There are many organizations out there that need people to help them on the weekends or in the evenings as they are swamped.

There Are Many Benefits To Volunteering

Look online or in the local paper and see what opportunities are out there. You could even turn it into a family thing where you go all together and help out.

Not only does it instill care and consideration, but it can look great on college and job applications down the road.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

There are quite a lot of benefits when learning to play a musical instrument.

It is a great hobby to have as it can lead to other opportunities, e.g. being in a school band, earning a scholarship, etc., but it also has an effect on cognitive ability.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Learning To Play An Instrument?

  • Increases the capacity of memory
  • Helps refine time management and organizational skills
  • Enhances coordination
  • Betters mathematical ability

As you can see, there are quite a lot of benefits when playing an instrument, so this looks to be a great alternative to playing video games.


Hopefully, this article has answered the question – “is playing video games a hobby?” and you are able to find alternatives that are better suited in case you feel like your child may be playing video games a bit too much.

If you fear that your child may kick off and be angry about reducing their gaming time, try talking to them as an equal and show them that doing some alternatives even for a bit is beneficial.

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