8 Best Comics For Kids To Check Out This Holiday Season

Comics have been around for decades and are still a great way to introduce children to the world of literature. This article focuses on 8 of the best comics that you can use as a jumping-off point when introducing your kids to comics.

1. Peanuts

Peanuts is a beloved comic book series that has been around for over 50 years. The characters in the series are based on the characters from Charles M. Schulz’s real life, and the series follows their adventures in Snoopy’s World.

The Peanuts comic books are great for kids because they are full of funny jokes and interesting storylines. They are also great for teaching children about the importance of teamwork and friendship.

2. Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes is a hilarious tale about Calvin, a kid who is always trying to get into trouble. His friend Hobbes is always there to help him out, but Calvin never listens.

The story follows Calvin as he deals with everyday problems like making friends, going to school, and dealing with his parents. The comic book is full of funny scenes and characters that will appeal to kids of all ages.

3. Garfield

In this hilarious story, Garfield goes on an adventure with his friends Odie and Arlene. They go to the circus, visit a holiday village, and more. This comic is perfect for children who love spending time with family and friends.

In this story, Garfield becomes frustrated with the way things are always going his way. Things get so bad that he bumps his head on a rock, and suddenly everything changes. This comic teaches kids about adapting to change, and it will have them laughing all the way through.

In this hilarious story, Garfield gets married to Miss Pecan. He decides to do it in a hurry because he’s afraid that Miss Pecan won.

Garfield is another classic that your kids will love. This comic follows the life of a yellow cat who lives in a house on a tree in the middle of nowhere. Garfield is an overall lovable guy who always tries to make everyone laugh, no matter what. Whether he’s fighting crime or going after sewer rats, you can be sure that Garfield will keep your child entertained.

4. Spider-Man: Web Warriors 

Spider-Man: Web Warriors is a new comic book series that is perfect for kids this holiday season. The series follows the adventures of Spider-Man as he teams up with other superheroes to stop villains from destroying the city.

This is a great comic book series for kids because it is full of action and excitement. The story follows Spider-Man as he teams up with other superheroes to stop villains from ruining the city.

The comics are also full of funny moments and exciting fight scenes. Kids will love following Spider-Man and his friends as they battle against evil crooks

5. Green Lantern: The Lost Army

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank is an exciting story that follows the Green Lantern Corps as they battle the alien race known as the Lost Army. The story is full of action and excitement, making it a great choice for younger readers.

This is a thrilling superhero story that follows the adventures of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps as they attempt to stop the evil Sinestro from conquering Earth. This book is perfect for fans of action and adventure stories.

6. Alex, Approximately

Looking for some fun, engaging comics to read with your kids this holiday season? Check out Alex, Approximately! This series is perfect for kids ages 6-12 and is full of exciting and funny stories that will keep them entertained for hours.

Alex, Approximately is the story of a young boy who has the ability to time travel. He uses this ability to solve mysteries and help people in need. The comics are based on the hit TV show of the same name, which has aired on Nickelodeon for over a decade.

This series is a great way to introduce your children to comic books. Not only are the stories entertaining, but the artwork is also top-notch. Plus, there are bonus comics at the end of each issue that provides additional information about the characters and the plot.

7. Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey is one of the most popular and enduring comic strips in history. This comic follows the adventures of Beetle Bailey, a lazy, unlucky private in the military. But through his trials and tribulations, Beetle learns valuable life lessons.

Beetle Bailey is a great choice for kids who are looking for a fun and entertaining comic to read. It is sure to bring happiness during the holiday season.

8. Dennis The Menace    

Dennis is a great comic for kids because it is full of action and adventure. The characters are lovable and the plot is exciting. Plus, there are plenty of references to common holidays and cultural events that kids will love.

This comic follows the mischievous and mischief-prone Dennis as he interacts with his family and friends in a typical over-the-top fashion. Whether he’s playing tricks on his parents or trying to get his little sister into trouble, Dennis will have your kids laughing out loud.

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