5 Indie Dev Groups To Know

The indie market is one of the most exciting and vibrant markets out there, and it’s even more exciting if you’re an indie developer. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best places for indie developers to find support and feedback, and we hope you find the resources below to be useful.

  • Reddit (r/gamedev)

Reddit is a community that is absolutely filled with amazing individuals, and gamedev is no exception. Within this community, a group of 5 developers has made some of the most amazing games on the web. These 5 are:

The popular gaming website Reddit.com has a dedicated (and thriving) subreddit for any and all indie game development-related topics, called “r/gamedev.” The moderators of “r/gamedev” have been hard at work, curating all kinds of information into this massive online resource. Here are some of the most important links you’ll find on that subreddit: News: The latest articles from sites like VentureBeat, Gamasutra, and RockPaperShotgun covering the latest news in the industry, including game industry job openings, interviews, and game industry-related news.

Reddit (r/gamedev) is one of the biggest online gaming communities. It’s a great place to discover new indie games and talk to like-minded people.

  • Slack (IndieDev)

When talking about Slack, the two words that come to mind are “crazy” and “cool.” It’s a new way for developers in the fast-growing indie space to connect with their colleagues and have conversations about the projects they are working on and what’s going on in the industry. It’s a tool that has re-invented the way development teams communicate and is expected to become an essential tool for every developer in the industry.

Slack is a productivity tool that’s been popular with developers since it was released in 2013. But like most tools in the digital age, Slack has certain downsides, which is why you may not have heard of it. This list is an attempt to help you make the most of Slack.

  • Discord (Game Dev League)

Discord is a free app developed by an employee of the video game developer of the same name. It is an instant messaging service for text, voice, and video chatting. The app is similar to services like Skype and Google Hangouts, but its company emphasizes that it is different from those services. There is no actual video chatting options on the app, and all users are connected in text chat.Facebook (IndieGameDevs)

Facebook Indie Game Devs are a group of indie game developers who help each other out by sharing knowledge and trading with and between each other. These range from simple things like knowing who is a good artist to sharing programming knowledge and even sharing development ideas! If you’re looking to make games and aren’t sure who to listen to, this is the place to look.

  • Reddit (r/IndieGaming)

Another gaming Reddit group associated with the Indie world, but this time more focused on the player base. This is worth using for seeing what players in the indie space like and dislike in the latest releases, making it a useful tool for the learning dev.

There are other groups that you could look into, and as you grow and learn you can branch out across various areas and communities. But, in the meantime, these can make a great little starting point to jumpstart a career off of, or to even get into development as a hobbyist.

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