Fun Facts About Garfield

Garfield, the snarky, Monday hating cat, is without a doubt one of the most famous characters in cartoon history. His first appearance in the strip in 1969 made him instantly recognizable to most people. He still has adventures today in other media, but none are as popular as the strip itself.

As the world’s most beloved cat, Garfield has been immortalized in comics, video games, and of course, the Cartoon Network series “The Garfield Show.” The show is based on the comic strip of the same name, which first appeared in 1976. Garfield is a lazy but well-meaning cat who just wants to be liked in the comics.  Featuring the titular character, Garfield, it follows the lives of Garfield, his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and other characters like Odie, the dog. “Garfield” was created by Jim Davis, and he has been the sole writer and artist of the strip since its inception.

Garfield First Appearance

In January 1976, the first comic strip starring a cat by Jim Davis was published in the Saturday Evening Post. The strip, called “Garfield,” was an instant success, and it became one of the most popular comic strips in the United States for years. Unlike most of Davis’s previous strips, “Garfield” was not based on any specific character, setting, or episode of television shows, but rather the comic strip was entirely original. The stories were written by Davis and illustrated by Jon Arbuckle.

Wikipedia shows that the comic strip character appeared first on September 19, 1978, in the very first Garfield comic strip. It is a cartoon character and the title character of the comic strip created by Jim Davis, a cartoonist who initially drew the comic strip in 1978. Davis had originally intended the character to be a one-off joke but soon found that it was so popular that he decided to create a comic series. In 1987, the comic strip was adapted into an animated series, premiered on CBS. The program ran for 5 seasons between 1987 and 1994.

The Garfield comic strip debuted in 1976 and has since become one of the most recognizable comic strips in the world. Since its debut, it has inspired countless movies, television shows, video games, and other media. Despite the strip being a mainstay of American culture, the history of its creation is much less well-known, and an untold number of facts is just waiting to be uncovered.

Who’s The Owner of Garfield

I just found out something really cool today – you know those Garfield comic strips that have been running for years? Well, these were created by none other than Jim Davis! You may not know his name, but Jim Davis is the creator of the Garfield comic strip and has been for nearly 40 years. He still owns and runs the company that creates Garfield content to this day, and while there are rumors that he will hand this onto someone else down the line, it seems he’s not keen to stop just yet.

It is an open secret that the cartoon cat, Garfield, was based on author Jim Davis’s pet cat at the time. Who would have guessed that a little cat like that would inspire a veritable dynasty of media that Garfield has become? From phones, movies, comics, shirts, and so much more, there’s no doubt that the world of Garfield has become incredibly huge and continues to be a mainstay in modern media.

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